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Key cutter for SILCA TECH 3

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Type Silca Ref. Art. No
SG1 D700080ZB 58.502.H10
SG3 D700078ZB 58.525.H10
SG4 D700079ZB 58.520.H10
SG7 D703222ZB 58.521.H10
SG8 D702863ZB 58.522.H10
SG10 D700081ZB 58.003.H10
SG1W D704784ZB 58.580.C00
SG3W D711025ZB 58.513.C00
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SELECTION Tools & Cutters Ltd, Swiss milling cutter manufacturer
Our company manufactures a large range of milling cutters, cutting wheels, blades, flat sloters and tracer points to equip key cutting machines such as Silca, JMA & Errebi, Ilco Orion, Keyline, Minit, Tilney, Assa Abloy, KIS.