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Type Silca Ref. Art. No
H101 D708742ZB 33.101.H10
H102 D708743ZB 32.102.H30
H103 D709115ZB 30.103.H30
H104 D709116ZB 30.104.H30
H105 D708740ZB 30.105.H30
H106 D709117ZB 30.106.H30
H107 D708741ZB 30.107.H30
H108 D709118ZB 30.108.H30
H109 D709119ZB 30.109.H30
H110 D709120ZB 32.110.H30
H111 D709121ZB 32.111.H30
H112 D709122ZB 32.112.H30
H113 D709123ZB 32.113.H30
H114 D709481ZB 33.021.H10
H115 D709511ZB 30.115.H30
H117 D709974ZB /
H118 D710017ZB 30.118.H30
H119 D710157ZB 30.119.H30
H126 D711128ZB 32.126.H30
H127 D711126ZB 32.127.H30
H128 D711125ZB /
H131 D712438ZB 33.035.H10
W101 D709238ZB 33.035.H10
W102 D709239ZB 30.502.C00
W103 D709240ZB 30.503.C00
W104 D709241ZB 30.504.C00
W105 D709242ZB 30.505.C00
W106 D709243ZB 30.506.C00
W107 D709244ZB 30.507.C00
W108 D709245ZB 30.508.C00
W109 D709246ZB 30.509.C00
W110 D709247ZB 30.510.C00
W111 D709248ZB 30.511.C00
W112 D709249ZB 30.512.C00
W113 D709250ZB 30.513.C00
W114 D709482ZB 30.514.C00
W115 D709512ZB 30.515.C00
W117 D710042ZB /
W118 D710018ZB 30.518.C00
W119 D710158ZB 30.519.C00
W121 D710177ZB /
W122 D710242ZB 30.522.C00
W123 D710438ZB 30.523.C00
W124 D710569ZB /
W126 D711129ZB 30.526.C00
W127 D711127ZB 30.527.C00
W128 D711124ZB 30.528.C00
W129 D711604ZB 33.015.C00
W130 D712391ZB /
W131 D712633ZB 33.017.C00
W132 D712737ZB 30.532.C00
W134 D723062ZB 33.134.C00
W135 D721004ZB 32.135.C00
W136 D722178ZB 30.536.C00
W139 D724961ZB 32.139.C00
W145 D729494ZB 32.545.C00
W219 D712374ZB 33.050.C00
W221 D712713ZB /
W225 D712802ZB /
W277 D728170ZB 32.277.C00
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Our company manufactures a large range of milling cutters, cutting wheels, blades, flat sloters and tracer points to equip key cutting machines such as Silca, JMA & Errebi, Ilco Orion, Keyline, Minit, Tilney, Assa Abloy, KIS.