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Key cutter for SILCA MATRIX S, SX, SLX

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Type Silca Ref. Art. No
F1 D701071ZB 30.031.H30
F10 D701087ZB 90.024.H30
F11 D701089ZB 33.019.H10
F11C D701192ZB 33.040.H10
F11L D704449ZB /
F12A D701091ZB 30.020.H30
F12B D701093ZB 32.021.H30
F13 D702099ZB 30.013.H30
F14 D703233ZB 30.014.H30
F15 D704754ZB /
F16 D704832ZB /
F17 D704985ZB /
F18 D704987ZB /
F19 D705050ZB 30.039.H30
F20 D701156ZB 32.200.H30
F21 D705114ZB 30.040.H30
F22 D705488ZB 33.013.H10
F23 D705491ZB /
F24 D705520ZB 30.024.H30
F26 D705655ZB 30.042.H30
F27 D705657ZB 30.027.H30
F28 D705659ZB 30.028.H30
F29 D705661ZB 30.029.H30
F3 D701075ZB 33.018.H10
F30 D701160ZB 33.022.H10
F31 D705740ZB /
F32 D705742ZB /
F35 D706156ZB /
F36 D706270ZB 90.025.H30
F37 D706654ZB
F38 D706657ZB /
F39 D706659ZB 32.339.H30
F4 D701077ZB 30.034.H30
F40 D707165ZB 30.043.H30
F42 D708800ZB 30.044.H30
F43 D708988ZB 30.045.H30
F44 D709148ZB 33.421.H10
F45 D709806ZB /
F46 D709808ZB /
F49 D710150ZB /
F5 D701079ZB 30.035.H30
F50 D711144ZB /
F52 D711433ZB 32.452.H30
F54 D711367ZB /
F55 D711419ZB /
F56 D711780ZB /
F59 D712775ZB 32.159.H30
F6 D701081ZB 30.036.H30
F7 D701083ZB 32.037.H30
F8 D701085ZB 33.023.H10
F8C D701195ZB 33.011.H10
F9 D701097ZB /
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SELECTION Tools & Cutters Ltd, Swiss milling cutter manufacturer
Our company manufactures a large range of milling cutters, cutting wheels, blades, flat sloters and tracer points to equip key cutting machines such as Silca, JMA & Errebi, Ilco Orion, Keyline, Minit, Tilney, Assa Abloy, KIS.